Concept and Chef


Contemporary Italian food,
cooked by our World Famous Japanese Chef

  • Although his roots are in Japan, chef Kentaro Torii’s heart is in Italy. He combines his depth of experience working and traveling through Italy’s regions with a passion for highlighting combinations of flavour and aroma to bring his dishes alive.
  • As Nominee Best Chef, Award of Excellence 2014, he brings his comprehensive experience in Michelin Star kitchens to each plate he crafts.
  • From studying the art of risotto preparation in Pavia, in Lombardia, to leading an international team at the Mariana Resort and Spa Hotel, in the Micronesian volcanic island of Saipan, Chef Kentaro has developed the belief that every dish served to his customers is a work of art.
  • Awarded as GVCI Chef of the Year in 2012, he infuses his creations with seasonal ingredients, gives them surprising twists with new culinary techniques, and creates “Modern Classic” delights you can’t find anywhere else.
  • As an ambassador of Italian extra virgin olive oil, chef Kentaro is driven and passionate about bringing his unique Japanese touches to your enjoyment of contemporary Italian fine dining cuisine.