Private Dining

The most exclusive area within Bella Cosa is The Wine Room. Situated on the first floor, the unique and thoughtfully selected wines displayed project the distinctive atmosphere of a select wine cave.

Here, you will find desired privacy, and an elegant table for up to 14 guests to enjoy a direct view of the world renowned Canary Wharf.

Whether you want to host a wine tasting, private event, food promotion, or other social or special occasion, when you reserve this room, your guests are sure to be impressed.

Autumn 2017 Menu

3 course £45 (Starter / Main / Dessert)
4 course £55 (Starter / Pasta / Main / Dessert)

For a group of 8pax and above
Options for dietary requirement is available upon request
Pre Order is required 3 working days before the event date


Cep Mushroom Veloute, Potato Gnocchi, Smoked Pancetta, Rosemary VO
Caramelised Foie Gras Terrine, Raisin, 12 Years Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Smoked Grilled Octopus, Celery Salad, Olives, Capers, Trapani Pesto


5 Cheese Ravioli ‘Mezzelune’, Iberian Pork Cheek, Saffron Sauce, Beetroot Puree, Autumn Truffle VO
Chitarra Spaghetti, Sea Urchin,Razor Clams, Mullet Bottarga, Courgette

Main Course

Sea Bass in Kataifi, Broccoli Bagna Cauda, Kohlrabi, Lemon
Slow Braised Veal Cheek, Polenta, Root Vegetables, Mostarda
Grilled Italian ‘Pezzata Rossa’ Beef Rib Eye, Grille Vegetables, Potato Puree, Veal Jus
Oven Baked Aubergine, Tomato and Mozzarella Cheese ‘Parmigiana’ V


Tiramisu Bella Cosa
Textures of Grape and Prosecco